Developer Check points

A. App Properties

  1. App Name

  2. Package Name (with Proper Naming Standards)

  3. Splash Screen Text and Image

  4. App Icons

  5. Naming Standards for all Identifiers

B. Page Properties

  1. Page headings

    1. Should be in same font style, size and padding for all pages

    2. Same format of font type (All Caps or First letter caps)

  2. Action colour and icons

    1. Colour pattern

    2. Size

  3. Alert/Dialog/Popup headings and messages

    1. Same format of font type (All Caps or First letter caps)

    2. May be the App name or Meaningful title.

  4. Page primary and secondary colours

    1. Primary colour for the app bar and other primary UI elements

  5. Page background

    1. Avoid different colours in pages.

  6. Overall page space with components

    1. Should be in same margin and padding for all pages

C. Component Properties

  1. Components colours and its parent alignment

  2. Components alignment

  3. Name and string contents

  4. Space between components

  5. Validation functionalities and messages

  6. Images size and alignment for different resolution devices

  7. Text sizes for different devices

  8. Font family and type

D. Dependencies Check

  1. Validate permissions, remove unwanted permissions.

  2. Validate libraries, remove unwanted libraries.

  3. External storage usages

  4. Firebase platform usage and configuration

  5. Google analytics

  6. Third party library configuration

E. Config, Build,Deployment

  1. Middleware/Third Party API configuration

  2. DB Configuration

  3. Software Versions and Libs Version

  4. Functionality testing

  5. Build number

  6. Update version update note for each and every time in readme.txt

  7. Git commit