Improve code quality for Spring Boot and Microservice Developers

✅ Improve the code quality by following the best practices in Spring Boot and Microservice application design and development ✍

  1. The Single Responsibility Principle.

  2. Separate code base and version control strategy for each service.

  3. Design your services to be loosely coupled ≋

  4. Use APIs and events to communicate between services.

  5. Consider security vulnerabilities within a microservice architecture. 🔒

  6. Development environments should be consistent across machines. 🌟

  7. Make clean, understandable code and do not write heavy logic in particular spots.✨

  8. Collect metrics with an actuator.

  9. Avoid more params or complex inputs in a single API Call .🚫

  10. Don't forget logging, and at the same time, don't add too many or unnecessary logs

  11. Proper and generic error Handling.

  12. Avoid using two or more libraries for a single purpose. ⚠

  13. Generate API documentation with Swagger UI or Similar tools 💫

  14. Clean and update functionality documentation along with design guidelines

  15. Configure multiple profiles.🌐

  16. Use analytics to measure user behavior and application usage. ♒

  17. Develop an app with the latest/correct stable SDK and libraries.

  18. Use trustable third-party libraries and remove unwanted and untrustable libraries.

🔥 Keep in mind to maintain the best standards in Spring Boot 🔥

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