Amazon MSK Serverless

  • πŸ”₯ Serverless architecture expanding more widely in AWS Cloud πŸ”₯

  • ✍ Amazon is making Amazon MSK Serverless generally available from today. It helps reduce the overhead of handling an Apache Kafka cluster by offloading the capacity planning and scaling to AWS.

  • 🎯 Originally, Amazon launched Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka in May 2019.

  • 🎯 Apache Kafka is an open-source platform that helps to grab streaming data like clickstream events, transactions, and other events.

  • 🎯 Amazon MSK Serverless is a cluster type for Amazon MSK that makes it comfortable for you to run Apache Kafka without complex procedures and manage and scale cluster capacity.

  • 🎯 MSK Serverless automatically provisions and scales compute and storage resources, so you can use Apache Kafka on demand and pay for the data you stream and retain.

πŸ“’ Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka-based services already available on other platforms like Google Cloud and Azure.