Basics of AWS Cloud Cost Optimization

πŸ’° Cost optimization is an essential πŸ’“ process for the health of every organization. πŸ’°

✍ It reduces βœ‚ your overall cloud ☁ spending by identifying mismanaged resources, stopping waste, prearranging capacity for higher discounts, and scaling computing benefits.

πŸš€ Seven things you can do to decrease the AWS costs πŸš€

β‘  Select suitable sizing computing servers and the right pricing plans.

β‘‘ Discover inactive and unattached resources and take immediate measures to terminate them.

β‘’ Investigate Amazon DynamoDB πŸ›’ usage and utilize Auto Scaling and On-demand components for DynamoDB πŸ›’ tables. It assists in decreasing the cost.

β‘£ Invest planned computation in EC2 Reserved Instances (RIs) πŸ“ 

β‘€ Take Advantage of Amazon EC2 Spot Instances to reduce EC2 costs

β‘₯ Review the networking πŸ—Ό usage and reduce costs by deleting idle load balancers or unused network-related resources.

⑦ Explore the Amazon S3 πŸ“‚ detailed usage and reduce cost by utilizing the lower-cost storage tiers.

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