What is Predictive Scaling

✍ Do you know Predictive Scaling?

  • 📂 Predictive Scaling forecasts traffic usage based on trends,📊 it may be daily, weekly, or monthly including regularly-occurring spikes, and provisions the right number of instances in advance to the expected transformations.

Predictive Scaling Characteristics

✅ Predictive scaling can proactively raise the capacity of your Auto Scaling group to be ready for forthcoming needs 🚀.

✅ It manages you to avoid the condition of over-provision capacity, resulting in lower EC2 cost 💰

✅ Predictive scaling is ensuring your application’s responsiveness.

✅ It helps for recurring workload patterns, such as batch processing, testing, or periodic analysis 📈.

✅ It enhances performance, especially in applications that take a long time to initialize, causing a noticeable latency impact on application performance during scale-out events.

Prominent Options

✍ Note: In AWS, Predictive Scaling is now available as a scaling policy type through AWS Command Line Interface (CLI), EC2 Auto Scaling Management Console, AWS CloudFormation, and AWS SDKs in public regions.

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