What is Predictive Scaling

  • πŸ“‚ Predictive Scaling forecasts traffic usage based on trends,πŸ“Š it may be daily, weekly, or monthly including regularly-occurring spikes, and provisions the right number of instances in advance to the expected transformations.

βœ… Predictive scaling can proactively raise the capacity of your Auto Scaling group to be ready for forthcoming needs πŸš€.

βœ… It manages you to avoid the condition of over-provision capacity, resulting in lower EC2 cost πŸ’°.

βœ… Predictive scaling is ensuring your application’s responsiveness.

βœ… It helps for recurring workload patterns, such as batch processing, testing, or periodic analysis πŸ“ˆ.

βœ… It enhances performance, especially in applications that take a long time to initialize, causing a noticeable latency impact on application performance during scale-out events.

✍ Note: In AWS, Predictive Scaling is now available as a scaling policy type through AWS Command Line Interface (CLI), EC2 Auto Scaling Management Console, AWS CloudFormation, and AWS SDKs in public regions.

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